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Ajet Pest Control

This is a page in New Zealand business directory of NZ registered business - Ajet Pest Control

Ajet Pest Control is located in 9-11 Lovell Court, Rosedale, Auckland 0632

Their phone number is 0800 862 538, from the time of company registration.

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Description: We are a professional pest control company with over 30 years experience operating in and around Auckland. Offering inspection, removal and extermination services ranging from fly, spider, and ant control through to serious bedbug, cockroach and rodent infestations. We are fully accredited with PMANZ and all our technicians are certified to the highest level. We provide chemical free and environmentally friendly pest management and pest extermination alternatives.

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Company name: Ajet Pest Control
Location: 9-11 Lovell Court, Rosedale, Auckland 0632
Phone number: - 0800 862 538
Mail: [email protected]
Website: ajetpestcontrol.co.nz/
Latitude, Longitude: ,

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