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Word Counter Tool is located in Mornington, Wellington City, Upper Hutt City, Wellington Central, Wellington City, Paparangi, Wellington City, Kingston, Wellington City, Wellington Region

Their phone number is 0822 7772 111234, from the time of company registration.

Word Counter Tool Geographical address is Latitude: , Longitude:

Description: Generally, a word count is a certain number of words in a document, file, or passage of text. Hence, the word counting calculates the total number of words, characters, symbols, letters, paragraphs, and pages. A word count may be needed when your text is required to contain a certain number of words and characters. Writing requirements may mainly be the case in legal proceedings, academia, journalism, and advertising as well. The word count is also commonly used to count readability measures and determine reading and typing speeds, mostly in letters per minute. Note that when converting character counts to words, a test of around 5 or 6 characters should generally be used for English.

Why Word Counting is important

It is easy to use, handy, and at the same time, essential to use the word counter tool for determining the exact number of words and characters in your content. For instance, if you have to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for an essay, article, report, paper, story, book, etc. The word counter tool helps its users ensure that its word count reaches a specific requirement or stays within a particular limit.

Furthermore, the Word Counter tool can determine and easily calculate how many words in a paragraph are. At the same time, this tool can count the number of words for an essay, article, novel, and books. Most of the word counter tools do not have limitations or special requirements for the number of words to insert into the input box. Hence, writers and the other users of the word counter tool are entirely free to check as many words as they would like to count. Also, the word count can be convenient if a writer has a particular limitation (like a minimum and a maximum limit) to the number of words and other characters permitted for an essay, article, or blog post that the writer is working.

What are the main features of Word Counter tool

There are various types of Word Counter tools, either accessible as an online web-based platform, or as document and file formats, such as PDF files, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Adobe InDesign, etc. Some of these tools have extra features, by which they show you not only the total number of word count in your text but also the number of other characters, including words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, and pages. Some web-based Word Counter tools also provide you with the appropriate reading level, reading time, and speaking time.

How to use Word Counter tool

The Word Counter tool is convenient, handy, and easy to use for counting words and other characters in a text. To use this tool, you have two main options: to use a web-based word counter tool, and another is to use file formats like MS Word, Microsoft Excel, etc. Since Word Counter tool is easy to use, all that you have to do to calculate the number of words used in your content is to copy the text from any file types (like MS Excel, MS Word, Google docs, etc.), or even from various websites and blog posts. Next, you have to immediately paste the copied text right into the Word Counter tool, and the platform will show you the total number of words in the pop-up window or on the same page of the website.

How to count words via MS Word Counter for Windows

The Word Counter determines the number of words and other characteristics in a document. At the same time, you type, or even if you have already written text, you can upload the document in Microsoft Word document, or copy and paste the text in word counter tool. Below there are listed various versions of Word Counter tools that are available via Microsoft Office Document, Microsoft 365 for Mac OS, and word for web browsers.

Word count via Microsoft Office Document - MS Word can count words, pages, lines, paragraphs, and characters. When you have to know the exact number of words, lines, pages, characters, symbols, or sections are in your MS Word document, first, check the status bar. For a partial word count in MS word, you have to select the words you want to calculate. The status bar will immediately show the word count for your selection and, at the same time, for the entire document. If you want to find the exact number of characters, lines, and paragraphs, click on the word count button in the status bar. (see the photo above).

How to count words via MS Word Counter for Mac OS

MS Word for Mac OS allows users to view the number of lines, characters, paragraphs, and other information, by clicking the "Word Count" button in the status bar to open the "Word Count" box. Unless you have chosen some text, word will count all text in your document and the characters. The word counter displays these details in the "Word Count" box as the Statistics. To calculate the number of words and characters in a specific part of your document, you need to select the exact text you want to count. After that, click the "Word Count" on the "Tools" menu. You can either tick and include footnotes and endnotes of your document, or untick it. Be aware that word counter for Mac OS counts pages, words, characters (with and without spaces), paragraphs, and lines.

What are the limits of Social media Word Counters

If you would like to manage or even create social media content, it is convenient to know the exact word limits and writing requirements for the platform you are working on. Below there are listed examples of word count limitations in several popular social media platforms:

  • LinkedIn has a headline text limitation to around 120 characters, while the summary section must be 2,000. Concerning the position title, it should contain 100 characters, while the description box, must be up to 1,000 characters.
  • Facebook has the word count number limitation for up to 63,206 characters, mainly for feed posts. As for the comments section, it should contain a maximum of 8,000 characters.
  • Instagram has a limitation for writing up to 30 hashtags and approximately 2,200 characters for the main caption. For caption, be aware that only the first characters of 125 will be displayed, while the rest words will be truncated.

Details of Word Counter Tool

Company name: Word Counter Tool
Location: Mornington, Wellington City, Upper Hutt City, Wellington Central, Wellington City, Paparangi, Wellington City, Kingston, Wellington City, Wellington Region
Phone number: - 0822 7772 111234
Latitude, Longitude: ,

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